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Ibiza is the ultimate place for sex drenched hedonistic fun in the sun, with a gorgeous VIP escort by your side! You and your sexy new friend will find small rocky coves and beautiful long white sand beaches where you can get away and enjoy some romantic private time that you will never forget! Afterwords relax with drinks in one the luxury beach clubs while you watch the cliff divers dive into the perfect turquoise blue waters.

At night you and your gorgeous VIP escort will find out that Ibiza is the greatest party on earth. Because it is one of the most popular party destinations in the whole world, music lovers, party-goers and the world’s sexiest women all flock there. Don't be surprised if you and your gorgeous friend meet some other sexy ladies who are ready for a very wild party. There is something about the combination of the sun, the sand, the music and the champagne that makes all the sexy VIP party girls in Ibiza go completely crazy!

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