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As you wade through the sea of supercars, A-list celebrities, high fashion models, Russian pop stars, and billionaires while you enjoy the sun and sand on Pampelonne beach, you will feel like a real member of the Jet-Set crowd with a gorgeous fashion model quality VIP escort on your arm. Spend the day in the beach club admiring all the gorgeous women in bikinis and then enjoy the evening relaxing with drinks fine cuisine at the “hedonistic” L'Opera. When the evening really heats up, dance the night away at Papagayo which is world renowned as a place for “illicit behavior and dirty deeds”.

With its gorgeous beaches, world-class restaurants, sexy nightlife and the most beautiful crowd in the all the world, St. Tropez is the perfect spot to spend a sexy week of partying with one of our incredible VIP escorts. Live the VIP lifestyle of the rich and famous in St. Tropez with masquerade Escorts!

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